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The world's premier
concierge club

La Dolce Vita

We are your luxury travel and lifestyle agent, and an elite concierge service. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to going "beyond" and cater to your concierge needs with brilliance.

Luxury resort, yacht charter, premium dining, events and entertainment by La Dolce Vita Entertainment concierge services

Welcome to the La Dolce Vita Entertainment Concierge, where our squad of travel enthusiasts transforms your journey into a thrilling adventure of comfort and luxury!


Picture this: a team that doesn't just book your flights but crafts your travel saga with all the glamour and pizzazz you deserve.

Hotels, resorts, & villas

Luxe accommodations, because where you stay should be as fabulous as the adventures that await.

Exceptional dining

Because regular dining is so last season. Get ready for a feast that's Insta-worthy.

Luxury yacht charter

Set sail on a sea of sophistication. Yachts, waves, and you – it's a match made in heaven.

Events & entertainment

It's not just an event; we're here to sprinkle it with stardust and turn it into a premium spectacle that'll leave everyone talking.


Our expertise lies in turning the impossible into reality

Serving as your dedicated orchestrator of extraordinary experiences, we cultivate a profound understanding of your needs, both immediate and enduring, ensuring assistance is readily available no matter where you are in the world.

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Let's Step Into the Lap of Luxury

Our secret weapon? A dynamic, flexible, and utterly dedicated account manager who's practically a travel wizard. Need something? They're on it! Personal or business, they've got your back.

Now, buckle up for the La Dolce Vita ride! We're not just your average travel squad – we're the maestros of the extraordinary. Feast your eyes on what we've got cooking:

🌍 Travel & Flight Booking

We're not just about getting you there; we're about making the journey as fantastic as the destination.

🌈 Unique Experiences

Your wish is our command. Want something unique? We've got the keys to extraordinary.

🌟 Premium Tour Planning

We don't do ordinary. Prepare for tours that are as VIP as you are.

🌆 City Tours

Take a stroll with us; we're not just showing you the city; we're giving you the VIP backstage pass.

Forward-thinking, Creative, and Dynamic Concierge

We take the initiative to foresee the desires of our members, approaching them with innovative ideas.


La Dolce Vita eludes easy categorization and consistently surpasses daily anticipations. As our members frequently attest, we address their needs even before they voice them.


Trust, inventiveness, and genuine inspiration define our value, transcending all preconceived expectations.

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La Dolce Vita Entertainment Travel Concierge Services.png

Expertise, Insights, and Connections

For us, effortlessly unlocking seemingly inaccessible opportunities and foreseeing ways to bring joy, astonishment, and ease into your life is second nature.


Our network of esteemed partners, encompassing some of the globe's most coveted brands, empowers us to elevate both everyday and extraordinary concierge requests to unparalleled heights.

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Luxury travel is like a fine wine; it gets better with the right concierge.


Escape to a world where luxury isn't just a lifestyle; it's a concierge-crafted masterpiece.


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